About my classes

Adult classes

Adult classes

I teach four mixed ability Hatha Yoga classes per week.

Carefully planned lessons create an opportunity to reflect, replenish and renew. Time and space to reflect and notice how you feel. Then to replenish energy through physical exercise and breathing practices. Thus inducing a readiness for relaxation resulting in a sense of renewal within our body and mind.

Individual tuition

I offer individual tuition in the comfort of your own home.

If you are interested in starting Yoga but are not sure what to expect an individual lesson can help to allay fear and build confidence prior to joining a group class.

Sometimes other commitments prevent regular class attendance or you may wish to explore a specialist area of study.

Specialist teaching

I teach a weekly class at The Rose Garden in Hereford, ideal for those who prefer gentle yoga.

At Headway Herefordshire, a charity offering rehabilitation to people recovering from head injury, I provide group yoga therapy sessions comprising gentle movement, breathing practices, meditation and relaxation aiming to encourage feelings of peace and tranquillity.

I offer an extensive programme of yoga to primary and secondary schools tailored to meet the needs and requirements of each age group. Yoga can greatly increase focus and concentration as well as reduce exam stress and help young people to learn coping strategies. Yoga is also a fun alternative to more traditional PE activities improving fitness and coordination skills in those less attracted to team sports.

Summer school

During school summer holidays, I teach a reduced time table offering one day and one evening class per week providing continuity for those who which to maintain guided yoga practice.

Adult classes

Current term: Covid 19 Schedule
Live On Line Tech & Taster Classes

Mondays: 11 & 18 May, 14.50-16.10 & 18.20-19.40

Wednesday:13 & 20 May, 14.20-15.40/19.20-20.40

One to One taster sessions available on request

Future terms:

Monday 1 June – Wed 15 July

Summer Classes

To Be Confirmed

Current term fee:

£28 (commencing 1 June)



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